Coaching for me means to support people to find and walk their path of the heart – in their private and professional lives and to unfold their full potential.

After 8 years employment in management and personell consulting and experiences abroad I followed my heart’s desire and founded my own company in the fields of yoga, coaching and consulting.


1. Informal initial consultation (ca. 30-50 min.) à € 50,- (excl. USt)

2. Coaching agreement (depending on complexity and issue 5-10 consultations)


  • professional and private changes
  • relationships
  • conflicts
  • self-management (burn-out prevention etc.)


  • div. NLP-techniques (reframing, timeline, resource-transfer, imaginary journeys etc.)
  • questioning techniques
  • structured negotiation
  • etc.

For me it’s very important to listen to every coachee individually and to achieve efficient and positive results with a combination of empathy, intuition and a structured approach.

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