Yoga in Vienna

Meditative Hatha Yoga

Yoga Sangha

The classes base on the method of Agama Yoga, traditional meditative Hatha Yoga, bringing balance and harmony of the energies on the physical, mental and emotional level.

We work on the energy centres (chakras) and energyflows in the body by using physical (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation exercises as well as music meditations. By holding the postures for some minutes we build up and strengthen the deep muscle planes.

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Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Hawaii Spirale

The classes base  on Anusara, a dynamic and innovative Hatha Yoga Style, with a life-affirming philosophy and very precise alignment. Literally Anusara means “to be in flow with the divine”.

It is a dynamic and flowing practice, which starts with chanting the invocation-mantra, continue with dynamic warm-up exercises and a deep asana practice and finish with savasana (final relaxation).

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Pregnancy Yoga

India Gomukhasana

This class is offered especially for the needs of pregnant women and prepare body and mind for the process of giving birth. It is helping the women to stay healthy, fit and relaxed during pregnancy. The spine is strengthened to avoid backpain, the flexibility and opening of the pelvis is trained and deep breathing relaxes all the muscles. The movements have a positive effect on mothers and babys and lead to a higher level of consciousness.

Yoga is a very gentle and supportive method for pregnant women in this important period of time for mother and child, to remain in physical and emotional harmony.

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This yoga class is an opportunity for all mothers, who want to do something for their wellbeing and their healthy relationship with their baby. You can get in deep touch with your baby and do something good for your body with stretching and strengthening exercises, especially for the groups of muscles weakened after birth.

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