Special Events

Heart Meditation – Coming Home

Mazunte 085

The heart meditation is an invitation arriving fully within and to open the heart for the flow of life and love. Music for the activation of the heart-chakra will accompany the meditation and is opening the door to the soul.

Everybody is welcome, no meditation experience necessary.

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Heartopening Chanting – Celebrating Life

Celebrating life with heartopening songs, rhythms and mantras from all over the world, with candlelight and yogi-tea.

Making music together can evoke magical moments, which bring a feeling of liveliness. Through the alternation between chanting and listening different areas of the brain are activated and a meditative state of alertness, presence and joy is generated.

There is no need for previous knowledge – everyone is welcome.

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Yoga Brunch

Réunion Blume

A healthy start into the new day with all senses – together with yoga and a tasty yogi breakfast. After one hour of gentle yoga with warm-up exercises, activating asanas and relaxation we enjoy a pleasureable brunch (porridge, fresh seasonal fruits, yoghurt, yogi tea, juices).

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Yoga Picknick

Starting into the new day with yoga in the fresh air and a pleasureable breakfast. After an one-hour yoga practice (warm-up, asanas, relaxation) in the open air we continue with a healthy brunch (whole-grain bread, biological spreads, fresh fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, juices) on the neadow.

Just at fair weather, yoga mat and maybe blanket to bring.

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Yoga in Nature


Nature is supporting us at yoga in the open air to connect even more with our life-force. Conscious rooting and grounding and the simultanious expansion of the mind make the yoga practice in nature a special experience.

Just at fair weather, yoga mat and maybe blanket to bring.

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Yoga Holidays

Away from every day’s life, surrounded by nature and stillness, shutting off, reloading the batteries, relaxing and diving deep into the yoga wisdom. Starting into the new day with a gentle and at the same time activating yoga practice, free time during the day to enjoy nature, community or time for oneself, experiencing another deep yoga session in the afternoon and seizing the day with yoga-philosophy, meditation and/or chanting. Healthy and light meals support the body in the purification and regeneration process on all levels.

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